How to Use Cricut Design Space like a Pro

Ever since the spread of the Coronavirus, anyone and everyone has gotten themselves a hobby. Be it a 6-year-old kid, a teenager, or even a full-grown adult- all of them have discovered at least one area of interest for them. The topmost favorite of all is arts and crafts. Not just creative professionals but people from different work arenas have found art to be soothing and entertaining i.e., the perfect leisure activity. The Cricut machine is one such masterpiece of inventions for crafty minds.

Now a Cricut machine requires a robust design system to function. Here comes the role of Cricut Design Space. Cricut Design Space is a dream application for all those DIYers who only know how to deliver the extraordinary. It offers a wide range of templates to manipulate and adjust as per the requirement.

The interface is separated into five sections namely- “Design,” “Design Templates,” “Cricut Explore,” “Settings,” and “Help.” Many unique templates are available in the design category, all of which are intended for operation with Cricut machines. The design templates are divided into several categories, including “Everything,” “Makers,” “Floral,” “Wedding,” “Doodle,” and “School.”

Key Features of Cricut Design Space

1. Variety of Templates and fonts:
It comes with plenty of design templates and font structures to create your project. The existing templates and styles are easy to adjust and manipulate according to one’s desire.

2. Free-to-use software
Cricut design space is a free app. There are no underlying charges to get started with this amazing application.

3. Simple and straightforward to use interface
This application is designed to keep the comfort of its user in mind. It is free of complicated functionalities and easy-peasy to use.

4. Very well organized
The cricut design space has meticulously differed into several categories based on the different needs of the user.

5. Easy to download:
Cricut Design Space can be handily downloaded and installed from the official site into a device.

6. Supported by the majority of devices
This interface is easily manageable and accessible on Windows, iOS, Android, and Amazon devices.

How to Download and Install CriCut Design Space?

Cricut Design Space can be easily downloaded from its official site by clicking here.

1. Install Cricut Design Space by double-clicking on the icon or by pressing the start button on your computer, then going to all programs and clicking on the software.

2. After you launch Cricut Design Space, you will be routed to to establish an account. After creating an account, you will be redirected to Cricut Design Space, where you may log in.

3. Once you’ve logged into Cricut Design Space for Windows, just follow the on-screen instructions. You may also learn more about Cricut Design Space by visiting the Getting Started Guide.

How to use CriCut Design Space?

Download Cricut Design Space for PC: Once you’ve logged in, you can begin designing your pictures. The software includes a selection of Cricut mats to assist you in deciding the type of mat to use. You can select between the ordinary or premium mat. The premium mat contains a plethora of additional functions. After you’ve decided on a mat, you may begin modifying your image.

The software has a lot of elements that might assist you in creating your designs. The Cricut Design Space software may be used to create graphics using text, stickers, and shapes. You may also use borders to enhance your photographs. When using the Cricut mats, however, the program does not enable you to create borders.

You may also use frames to enhance your photographs. You may use the program to generate a logo if you already have one that you wish to incorporate in your projects. In the app, you may select from a variety of typefaces. If you do not want to use your fonts, you may utilize the app to select from a variety of fonts that are accessible. You may send your designs to the Cricut Design Space app once you’ve produced them. You may also post your creations on social media.

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