How to Download & Install Cricut Design Space

To download CriCut Design Space on your Windows or Mac PC, Click on the download link given on this page. Here are the steps to be followed to get CriCut on your PC.

1. The download link will take you to the official store, where you can get the latest version of Cricut design space.

2. Next Step is to Sign Up for the account and fill all the necessary details.

3. Now, add CriCut Desgin Space to your library.

4. Click on “Install” and follow the instructions.

5. Make sure your system has the minimum requirement to run the app on PC

System Requirements

Opearting System: Windows 7+, Android 8+, iOS 11+

Processor: Core i5 5th gen, old phones

Memory: 512 MB

Graphics :Geforce 1050 or equivalent

Network: Internet connection must have

All the links have been tested throughly but still we suggest you to run the exe file via antivirus or any other checker. If you face any issue while installing the app, feel free to contact us.